Women, Wine and Laughter

There is this Whatsapp group in my life; a sisterhood. We’ve known each other since highschool or earlier, and we share a love of wine (when we aren’t pregnant) and laughter. The group evolved quite randomly after making plans for an evening out and it just stuck. In the last few years we have seen each other through divorces, rocky relationships, pregnancies, births, races, injuries, losing a parent, moving homes, illnesses, parenting challenges, challenges with our parents, job changes, financial hurdles and… recoveries. There are always recoveries. There is no way I could do the sisterhood Whatsapp thread justice if I attempted to describe the level of humour or love that lives through it. In wine and laughter we trust, and through all our differences and varying life stages, we remain committed friends and hysterically funny life warriors.

Sisterhood 7

We might hack through many big life choices or changes, but we can decide on, book and gather at a table at any one of Cape Town’s child friendly restaurants (half shade, half sun, toddler friendly but space for older kids on bikes, cooler full of ice and bubbly, 6 glasses and 4 marguerite pizzas for the kids, please) in a heartbeat on a Friday afternoon.

sisterhood 5

March went big with its challenges. Super-sized portions for many of my friends. There were broken bones, broken cars, broken hearts. We all let go of a few dreams, or realigned them. The sisterhood had a few, and double helpings of laughter and wine had to be administered. We are down to only 1 pregnant member now, so the wine levels are almost up to average.

We are rising above.

Sisterhood 8

As March buggers off and South Africa faces political challenges that no amount of laughter or wine could possibly ease, and I worry about the future, I am also grateful for so much.

Grateful for a short, uncomfortable shuffle in beautiful Constantia this morning and that it might indicate a green light for a slow Comrades 2016. Grateful for the sisterhood and its collective ability to rise up and overcome. Grateful for the humour that consistently enables humanity to resist giving up on each other.

We can’t laugh everything off, but we can keep the laughter alive.



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