Can you, can’t you? Will you… Won’t you?

Well the #brokenbum or BB as my friends now refer, is healing well. I can run, and I’ve managed up to a hilly 40km training run. This is not optimal Comrades training by any stretch of the imagination, but I am forging ahead for a not-so-pretty Comrades 2016 and I’m certain I can finish it. Nothing close to what I had hoped for in the BBB (that’s Before Broken Bum) phase of training.

But my mind is swirling with many other things, and I’m on day 6 without my babies (home tomorrow) so forgive my emotional and anxious undertones. There is so much angry, ugly conversation happening in South Africa right now. I am a self confessed social media junkie but I just want to switch it all off.

Recently, a man chose to express his land redistribution demands via a restaurant receipt and made a waitress cry.  As my own daughter is a waitress I know that rude customers make waitresses cry all the time. The waitress didn’t report or publicise the matter, but the man did, gloating about his ability to reduce her to #whitetears. And then a really lovely man went to the restaurant and paid her a R50 tip which sparked a bizarre landslide of cash tumbling down on the waitress, and her tip became something like R100 000, so she probably doesn’t need to waitress for a while. Every social media platform in the world has reported the story, and all mainstream media has sensationalised it, too. Even the BBC covered it.

Meanwhile, the two men accused of raping and murdering 19 year old Sinoxolo Mafevuka in Khayelitsha in March appeared in court, and it has been reported that there is insufficient DNA evidence linking them to the crime, because a leaking cistern in the communal toilet where her body was found washed it all away. Barely a peep on social media. Where is the financial outpouring, the rage, the justice for this young lady and her family? Where is the crowd funding NOW? I know that my #whitetears count for shit, and I learned this morning that my #whiteprayers don’t count either, but could I possibly cry some angry tears here? What the hell is going on?

Elie Wiesel 1

While we rip each other to pieces on social media perhaps we forget that ultimately we are all in this together. The solutions need to come from effective engagement and open-hearted learning. As the conversations become more and more vile, fuelled by hatred on all sides, consider what you are doing to right the wrongs. Are you listening, are you learning?

Have you taken a stand?

Elie Wiesel 2.jpg

Here is my stand.

I’m taking this #brokenbum to Comrades 2016. I hope to run all 89km of it and I want that to count for more than my medal. I love the work that the NGO Rock Girls is doing and I want this run to be about them. All donations must go directly to their bank account, not through me, but all pledges can be expressed here below this blog. If you can do R5 or R5 000, that’s great. Pledge per km that I complete and I promise to get as close to 89km as I can. These girls really, really deserve our help.

I’m running, and I pledge R500. Over to you.

That is their website, check it out.


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