Oh, This Week.

When you are in labour with your first baby, it is all new, slightly bizarre and can be the most overwhelming experience if you aren’t properly prepared or adequately supported. I remember very little of my first labour, but I distinctly remember a moment during the second phase of my second labour where I went… Oh! This pain! I had clearly spent 7 years in some kind of fuzzy denial about it all.

The week before Comrades is exactly the same. Ok, less pain, you’re right that comes later, but still, I’m being smashed around by very familiar waves of panic here. Having missed Comrades 2015, I guess I forgot what to expect.

The Ultra Taper is a very real and ridiculous phase. Friends of ours included “even when you are tapering” in to the “in sickness and in health” part of their wedding vows. It’s that serious. During The Ultra Taper we tend to self-diagnose, everything from a possible ITB niggle to full on flu, once every hour or so. We drop our groceries and run screaming from a supermarket queue if someone coughs, or sniffs. We declare certain “zones” in the house (such as a particular couch, a room…a 2m radius from self) as no-go areas. Everyone must read their own bedtime stories and everyone must learn to catch the food thrown at them from the kitchen.

Comrades Kids

That was in 2013, when both my youngest started to cough the week before race day. Perfectly reasonable reaction.

I’ve got sinus issues – no for real, I do. I have 5 days to sort that shit out and feel like an athlete that can complete 90km in a reasonable time. I wash my hands 4 or 5 times a day, and I’m on my second bottle of waterless hand sanitiser. Since Friday. I’m all over the vitamin C, I’m off the wine, and I’m probably over doing the green tea. I just want to get there now!

Like labour, there is an end in sight. The actual run will be much like the big push at the end of the all the hard work. And, like labour, I’ll probably forget all about this stupid week and do it all again next year. Kinda hoping that my third Comrades will be like my third birth; fast.


PS. Don’t forget I’m running this for the NGO Rock Girl. Please pledge per km or donate to a very worthy cause.

Use Kim Comrades as your reference:

Standard Bank of South Africa
Swift Address: SBZAZAJJ
Thibault Square branch code: 020909
Cheque account number: 074219715


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