40 Reasons

Hello 2018, the year of my 40th birthday. That always seemed so very far away. I remember dancing at my dad’s 40th. And celebrating my mom’s 40th during her first overseas trip. I’m not unhappy about the imminent arrival of the big 4-0. The VET category. I’ve been packing life in of late, and I’m planning on amping that up as I progress. I’ve got one child who will complete her degree this year, one in his first year of high school and my youngest rocking junior school in Grade 3. Business is busy. The clients on our books all align within a sports and outdoor communication portfolio, and my body is in one piece – albeit a little more grey and a little less springy than a few years back. I’m grateful.

So, I have 40 adventures, big and small, that I have entered on the sub-bucket list. It runs cheekily alongside my primary bucket list, which is a big fat juicy list. Sometimes the primary list scares me, but I see the path ahead, and I kinda like the view.

For this year though, for 2018, here it is.

  1. Run a trail race with my youngest daughter
  2. MTB race with my son
  3. Full day hike with my eldest daughter
  4. Get my mom to do a Park Run
  5. Get my dad to do a minimum 7km trail run with me (massive come back for Bill)
  6. Non stop work towards sachet free running in South Africa #ICarryMyOwn
  7. Work on a Sub 40 before 40 10km time (even if I don’t hit it, as close as I can possibly get!)
  8. Another Rowan at Comrades
  9. Another Sainsbury at Oceans
  10. A 100km Trail Race Medal (tummy flip each time I read that one)
  11. An Open Water Sea Swim (race or organised group swim)
  12. A half marathon with my sister (her come back race!)
  13. Regular Trail Runs with my Trail Fairies (extended to other Grades at Oakhurst Primary)
  14. One international run or race (Preferably within a way overdue Devon visit!)
  15. 4 Marathons (one down)
  16. At least one sub 3:30 marathon (coach is going to throw naatijes at me and say more than one)
  17. 4 Ultra Marathons (road or trail)
  18. A Half Marathon PB
  19. A road bike race (can’t believe I just wrote that, sies!)
  20. A Trail Race in another province
  21. Serve on the board of the Trail Trust for development trail runners in SA (news coming soon)
  22. Run 4 different Park Runs
  23. Throw my name in to the hat for one big international race lottery
  24. Tennis lessons – with Pete Calitz (he is going to laugh at me, and I don’t know what to wear, or where my high school tennis racquet is…)
  25. A Jimny road trip with girlfriends with minimum 4 trail run stop overs
  26. Spend some time in a climbing gym, and see where it takes me
  27. 4 challenging scramble missions on Table Mountain
  28. Some form of Marshal Arts lessons or classes, minimum 4
  29. 4 Silvermine Dam swims, preferably with friends like Miki
  30. 4 solo Jimny road trips (and I hope some with Susie)
  31. Never miss a weekly session at the gym with Noeline (gulp)
  32. Get to 4 pull ups on Michael’s pull up bar – ha ha ha
  33. Run a Beer Mile (with friends, who is game?)
  34. Sleep on Table Mountain (legally)
  35. Get naked under a waterfall (Listen, Cape Town is experiencing a drought and my longest shower is now 90 seconds or less. Naked below a waterfall sounds like heaven!)
  36. A Cederberg Adventure (open to suggestions)
  37. Fly (Jeff Ayliffe, looking at you my friend)
  38. Sea Kayak mission
  39. Run a Gauteng Race
  40. Stand up on a long board (Alyce, Dagny, you girls!)

There it is. Some of it is super selfish, some not. Some silly, but it’s my list and in between raising my babies (who aren’t really babies any more), working hard for my clients,  school runs, lunch box creation, grocery shops, class rep duties and standing in line for my water quota, this is how I plan to spend my 2018. Hope it overlaps with loads of what my friends are doing. One life, let’s go.



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