What Will it Take?

Generally, that is the question that I ask myself whenever the opportunity to step up to something arises. I had … More

Draw the Line

I know a few really good people fighting really¬†epic battles right now. Not the “my toddler won’t eat his veggies” … More

If it ain’t broke?

I’ve been mulling over that old adage; if it ain’t broke, why fix it? It holds some relevance, sure, but … More

When You Get It Wrong

Wow I hate being wrong. Odd for someone that has been wrong, a lot. Life goes like that, though. We … More

I’m not Done

Sitting at my desk in my little home office chewing on the memories of PUFfeR 2016. Legs are sore, feet … More

Mothers & Sons

Hello taper week! Nervous energy for breakfast, lunch and supper. PUFfeR is this Saturday. A classic Cape Town running event … More

Rhodes Run 2016

We spent 13+ hours in the car yesterday; I wrote this blog about 15 times in my head! Aching legs … More


I have a special race coming up; Rhodes Run. It is a 52km trail in the tranquil Victorian-era village of … More